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Best Nightlife In Plymouth

Top 5 Things to do in Plymouth at Night

Plymouth is a port city and one of Britain’s Ocean City. Formerly known as a centre for trade and commercial shipping, in today’s world, it is well known as a base for the Royal Navy and a popular holiday destination. Located by the sea, Plymouth has so much to offer. It has a stunning waterfront, fascinating maritime history, a vibrant city centre and a fantastic quality of life. Simply put, it is a great place to live, work and play.

Speaking of play, the nightlife in Plymouth is one of the most enjoyable things about this place. The city comes alive at night with a lively nightlife scene, so there’s still lots to enjoy once the sun has set. Here are our best five things to do in Plymouth at night:

Visit a Nightclub or Pub in Plymouth.

Plymouth boasts a fantastic mix of pubs, nightclubs, bars, theatres, an action-packed live music scene and some of the best comedy gigs. From the relaxed atmosphere of Bijou bars to the slick cocktail lounges of historic Barbican and Sutton Harbour, or the European vibes of Alfresco, there’s always something to do at night.

Some of the best nightclubs in Plymouth, like the Fever & Boutique Plymouth, offers a fantastic dine-in restaurant. Other clubs like Popworld Plymouth offer cocktails, karaoke nights, foam parties, DJ sets and dancing in a nightspot that is open until 3 am.

Catch a Live Performance at a Theatre

The Barbican Theatre offers a diverse range of nightlife experiences. Your nights can be more enjoyable with dances, comedies, theatres and musicals. All of which are provided by the Barbican theatre.

Theatre Royal Plymouth is another place to enjoy the nightlife in Plymouth. They offer a variety of performances, including musicals, plays, pantomimes, dance, ballet and opera and also host smaller productions on the Drum stage.


Casinos in Plymouth are typically a combination of gaming, bars, food and drinks, sporting events, singing and dancing.

Places like Grosvenor Casino provides classic games like blackjack, roulette, poker and slot machines to provide a variety of experiences for you. The restaurants are available to cater to your needs with late-night menus, full menus and snacks, all with different cuisines.

Unwind with a Beautiful Sunset and Ocean Views.

Apart from clubbing, drinking and dancing, nights out in Plymouth, Devon, can also be a romantic night with sunset and ocean views.
If you are looking for a chill and romantic atmosphere, The Terrace is an excellent choice. You can get delicious food, desserts, cocktails, and a spectacular water view.

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