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Nikki Lawson
"Ve‎‎‎‎r‎‎y‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ i‎‎‎‎m‎‎‎‎p‎‎‎‎r‎‎e‎‎‎‎s‎‎‎‎s‎‎‎‎e‎‎‎‎d‎‎‎‎ w‎‎i‎‎‎‎t‎‎‎‎h‎‎‎‎ t‎‎‎‎h‎‎‎‎e‎‎‎‎ s‎‎‎‎e‎‎‎‎r‎‎v‎‎‎‎i‎‎‎‎ce‎‎‎‎. Highly recommended. Th‎‎‎‎a‎‎‎‎n‎‎‎‎k‎‎‎‎ y‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎o‎‎‎‎u‎‎‎‎."
Stephanie Torres
"Made repairs to my my leaking flat roof. Fitted me in and got it fixed fast. Thanks."
Shane Riley

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Worried about cowboy roofers in Plymouth ripping you off and doing a bodge job?

Use the #1 Plymouth roofers. We understand that having a new roof installed or a leaking roof damaging your home is stressful enough, so the last thing you need to worry about is the Plymouth roofing company coming to do the job.

Hiring a dodgy Plymouth roofing contractor that over-charges, does a sloppy job, blasts out their radio all day and makes a mess of your house is everyone’s worst nightmare, but there’s no need to worry about any of that as we are the professional roofing services Plymouth trusts to always provide quality work at affordable prices.

As trusted Plymouth roofers with 15 years of experience, Plymouth Roofing Services offers a professional and reliable roofing service with all work fully guaranteed to give you complete peace of mind.


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We understand the stress and worry of choosing a reliable, experienced and professional Plymouth roofing company that will do the job properly and at a fair price.

We are trusted Plymouth roofers that have been building and repairing domestic (pitched and flat roof) and commercial roofs in Plymouth for over 15 years.  Meeting NFRC standards, our 5* rated Plymouth roofing services have helped hundreds of satisfied customers protect and improve their homes.

We are the professional roofers Plymouth uses for quality work at affordable prices. We service Plymouth and all surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall including Stonehouse, Stoke, Peverell, Devonport, Hartley, Efford, Ham, Eggbuckland, Torpoint, Plymstock.


#1 trusted Plymouth roofing company

Best Tile Roofers In Plymouth



5* rated Plymouth roofing services


Tile Roofing

Best tile roofers Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - Clay or concrete tiles are available in many different styles and a tiled roof can last for 100 years when installed by experienced professionals.

Professional roofer building the best slate roofing in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

Slate Roofing

Best slate roofers Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - Nothing beats the classic look of slate roofing. With many different colours and sizes to choose from, there is a slate roof for everyone.


Flat Roofing

Best flat roofers Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - New flat roofs lasts for decades, is a cheaper option than traditional roofing and quicker to install. Options include felt, GRP & rubber.

Damaged roof tiles waiting for the best roof repairs in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, UK.

Roof Repairs

Best roof repairs Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - If your roof is damaged, sagging or leaking, or your roofing membrane requires replacing, call the #1 trusted pitch and flat roof repair specialists.



Best leadwork Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - Lead flashing directs water away from joints on your roof and protects your property from damage. It can also be a stunning finish to your home.


Commercial Roofing

Best commercial roofers Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - Commercial or industrial roofing materials include metal, silicon, BUR, EPDM, PVC & TPO membranes.


Green Roofs

Best green roofing Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - A green roof, eco roof, living roof or garden roof can extend the life of your roof, reduce energy bills and helps protect the environment.


Chimney Repairs

Best chimney repairs Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - Regular chimney inspections are essential. Weak mortar joints, rust, spalling, shaling and cracks are all signs your chimney needs repairing.


Guttering, Fascia & Soffits

Best roofline services Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - Fascia, soffits and gutters keep rainwater away from your property, protecting your home from damage.


Velux Windows

Best Velux windows Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - We specialise in installing Velux windows, skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels. They all increase levels of natural light in your home


GRP Flat Roofing

Best GRP flat roofers Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It's a lightweight and strong flat roof option using resin & fibre mats to create a GRP membrane.


Rubber Roofing

Best rubber roofers Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall - EPDM rubber roofs are durable, lasts up to 50 years and are eco-friendly. Liquid rubber roofing (wet on wet) offers increased flexibility.

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Quality Work

Our experienced Plymouth roofing experts take great pride in their work and the highest quality work is always guaranteed.


Total Peace of Mind

All of our Plymouth roofing work is fully insured and guaranteed, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new roof.




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"5* service from start to finish. Can't fault them."
Darren Wyman
"Very professional. New flat roof looks great and no mess left. What more can you ask for. Thanks guys."
Russell Summer
"Installed new velux windows, gutters and fascias. House looks like new. Can recommend them 100%."
Rupert Perkins

Here's what you get when using our 5* rated Plymouth roofing services

Work with the #1 Plymouth roofers serving Plymouth and surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall. The highest quality of work, affordable prices and top customer service are standard, but here’s what else is included…




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Highest quality roofing services Plymouth




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Have Plymouth roofing questions? We've got answers!

Simple. We will beat any quote by 15%. Just show us a copy of a quote from any local Plymouth roofer for the work you want done and we’ll beat it by 15% 🙂

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How much does a new roof cost?

The cost of a Plymouth roofing installation varies enormously depending on how large your roof is, what materials you choose and the shape of the roof.  Complex slate roofs, for example, will result in much higher prices. Depending on these factors, the average homeowner can expect to pay £6000-£30,000+ for a new roof.

Additional costs can include existing roof removal, chimneys, guttering, fascia and soffits, skips, scaffolding, vents and Velux windows.

Your roof will probably be the most expensive addition to your house so it is very important to obtain quotes from professional and experienced Plymouth roofers that are NFRC registered before you start the project.
You should make sure the Plymouth roofing company visits your home for the survey and not just quote from a satellite photo making sure they properly assess your roof looking at the exterior and the interior.
PLEASE NOTE: The prices on this page are rough guidelines for informational purposes only.
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Looking for 24 hour emergency roof repairs Plymouth? We’ve got you covered 🙂

Is your roof leaking suddenly and causing serious damage to the interior of your house?

Do you risk property damage from severe storms and hailstorms?

We offer emergency roof repairs Plymouth at affordable prices and competitive quotes. Our goal is to repair damaged pitched and flat roofing as soon as possible.

Emergency Roof Repairs Near Me

The only thing that can protect you from the weather is your roof. Protecting your home is crucial when there is severe weather.

It’s important to repair your roof immediately after getting damaged. Our trusted Plymouth roofing company offers 24/7 emergency services without any call-out fees.

Do you have buckets in your home because of a leaking roof? Worried about loose tiles after gale-force winds? We have professional roofers Plymouth standing by to help you with any emergency roof repairs Plymouth.

Does It Constitute An Emergency?

You should consider it an emergency if your roof is suffering damage that causes water to leak at a pace you cannot handle due to damage to the structure.

It is an emergency situation if your roof appears to be at risk of falling apart completely or in part. If your roof poses a danger to anyone living or working underneath, you need to evacuate and make arrangements for emergency repairs.

Emergency Roof Repairs Plymouth

A storm can cause damage to pitched roofs from fallen branches or blown-over trees. You should immediately address any tree damage that could cause a caved-in roof.

This will prevent further damage to your house’s exterior and interior.

We are emergency roof repair specialists Plymouth and are fully prepared and ready to tackle even the most difficult situations.

Emergency Flat Roof Repairs Plymouth

While flat roofs are less likely to be damaged by trees, they can still sustain water damage. Leaves and other debris can build up in the gutters during heavy rainstorms.

This could lead to blockages. Your flat roof may become flooded due to this. Water like this can cause damage to your interior depending on the design of your roof and your drainage system.

Temporary solutions may include tarpaulins being placed over your roof to prevent bad weather from causing further damage.

Different Types of Plymouth Roofing Affect Repairs

Some repairs are temporary depending on the severity of damage and the type of roof, so our experienced Plymouth roofers will need to wait until the right materials arrive. It may take longer to repair custom tiles or slate roofing.

It may take more time to repair roofs that have been damaged by fire. This is especially true for those with thatched roofs. No matter what type or severity of damage to the roof, an emergency roof repair can provide quick solutions that will prevent further loss.

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We offer 24-hour emergency roof repairs Plymouth for domestic and commercial roofs, pitched roofs and flat roofs Plymouth 🙂

What’s the cost of Plymouth flat roof replacement?

Plymouth flat roofs are more affordable than traditional designs, although different suppliers may charge slightly different prices. Depending on the size, flat roofs can be replaced at a cost of between £1500-£5000+ depending on the extent of flat roofing repairs Plymouth required.

Additional costs may be incurred if guttering, fascia, or soffits need to be replaced. Plymouth roofing contractors may also need additional insulation in order to meet building regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices on this page for flat roofing Plymouth are rough guidelines for informational purposes only.


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Looking for a Plymouth roofing contractor and wondering why you should get a new roof?

There are many benefits from getting a new roof installed, but the main one is it will stop leaks damaging your house, which will prove very costly in the long run. Re-roofing will increase the energy efficiency and heat retention of your house, which means you will save money on heating your house and use less energy.

Tiles get discoloured over time, so getting experienced Plymouth roofing contractors to replace them can enhance the appearance of your house. Your house will look better, increasing your property’s worth as a new roof will increase its value and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

WE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTE BY 15%! CLICK HERE for a FREE QUOTE for any Plymouth roof installation and roof repairs Plymouth 🙂

Here’s some help from the #1 roofing company Plymouth with some signs your roof may need to be replaced:

Water Damage – Stains on walls and ceilings can indicate a roof leak. To confirm that the roof is the problem, climb up to the loft and take a look.

Tile Damage – Your roof might look sagging, or it could be because of missing, damaged, or misaligned tiles. You should trust your instincts if that is the case. The other problem could be missing roof tiles. It’s worth having your roof checked out by professional and reputable roofing contractor Plymouth.

Chimney flashing – The grey-coloured material protecting roof joints from rain damage, can become worn over time. It’s time to inspect the whole roof if it looks worn or tatty.

Mould  – Mould in your home can be a sign of a faulty roof.

Sunlight in the attic – Light coming in through the roof is a clear sign and indication that you need to call the best Plymouth roof repairs company to have your roof repaired or reroofed asap.

Roof underlay – If your roof’s underlay is broken or visible, this could be another sign your roof needs to be replaced.

Old roof – Is your roof more than 20 years old? If this is the case, it is worth having your roof examined by getting a free roof survey from professional Plymouth roofers.

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Question for Plymouth Roofing Services: What is the average lifespan of a roof?

Roofs typically last for around 20 years, without any need to be replaced. Modern roofing materials are more durable. A metal roof can last 50-100 years. Concrete and clay roof tiles can last 25-40 years. However, the weather and storm damage can obviously have a significant impact on how long roofs last.

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How long will it take for a roof to be replaced by professional Plymouth roofers?

It will depend entirely on how large the roofing job is. You can expect to replace your roof in as little as a week for a small simple roof up to 4-5 weeks for a large complex roof.

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What is the average cost of a new garage roof built by a professional Plymouth flat roofing company?

A single garage roof replacement costs on average £1000-£2500+. This assumes it has a flat bitumen roof, but the total cost of replacing a garage roof will vary depending on several factors:

Material and style –  A garage flat roof is typically cheaper than a roof made from tile or slate. The cost of replacing a garage roof will be less for a single garage than it would be for a two-car garage.

Locality – In some areas of the country, labour costs are higher.

Accessibility – Garage roofs that are difficult to access can increase in cost. The process should take approximately 1 day for a flat garage roof to be replaced. However, it may take longer for other types of garage roofs. The condition of the timber will affect the cost.

Asbestos – The cost of replacing an asbestos garage roof will be significantly higher. If you are looking to have asbestos corrugated sheets taken away and disposed off, budget for between £600-£1000+.

Your replacement garage roof costs could rise to £4000+ depending on the factors mentioned above.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices on this page are rough guidelines for informational purposes only.

WE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTE BY 15%! CLICK HERE for a FREE QUOTE for Plymouth garage roof installations and flat roof repairs Plymouth 🙂

Question for the #1 roofing company Plymouth: Which roof is best for your garage?

Your priorities will determine the best garage roof. Flat bitumen roofs are the best option if you want to reduce your garage costs. They generally cost around £60 per square meter but this roof is not ideal for everyone. Bitumen can crack when exposed to sunlight and water, which allows water to seep into the wood below.

While they may cost more, other roofs will last for longer. A garage with rubber roofs costs around £100/m2. While a fibreglass roof will likely cost around £110/m2.

PLEASE NOTE: Any prices shown are an estimate for informational purposes correct at the time of writing and are liable to change.

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Plymouth commercial roofing and domestic roofing both protect the property from the elements, but most commercial roofs are flat or slightly sloping. There are different types commercial roofing systems including; Single Ply roofing, TOP (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), EPDM roofing (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), modified bitumen roof (Asphalt and a chemical polymer combination), Built Up roofing systems, metal roofs, liquid applied roofing, Roof Coating systems, Green roofs, solar panels, insulation and cover boards.

WE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTE BY 15%! CLICK HERE for a FREE QUOTE from the #1 commercial roofing company Plymouth for commercial roof installation and commercial roof repairs Plymouth 🙂

"Very courteous and professional. If only all tradesmen were like them. Did a lovely job at a fair price. I give you an A+!"
Edmund Buttler
"Had a new slate roof installed, which looks great. So impressed with the work done. Thanks for all your hard work."
Thomas Murray
"Great job! New tiled roof and guttering. All at a reasonable price. Very pleased with the work and happy to recommend them."
Nicola Byrd



Quality Plymouth roofing solutions at affordable prices serving all surrounding areas in Devon & Cornwall including Stonehouse, Stoke, Peverell, Devonport, Hartley, Efford, Ham, Eggbuckland, Torpoint, Plymstock

Plymouth roofing services: roof installation, roof repairs, flat roofing, pitched roofing, tile roofing, slate roofing, Leadwork, domestic roofing, commercial roofing, green roofs, chimney repairs, guttering fascia and soffits, Velux windows, GRP flat roofing and rubber roofing. All work is insured and guaranteed.