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Types of tile roofs Plymouth

Plymouth tile roofing can be both durable and beautiful and some can last up to 100 years if looked after properly. Traditional roofing tiles were usually made of slate, terracotta, or fired clay.

Today’s roof tiles are often made out of moulded and tinted concrete. There are many options for roofing tiles: flat, curved, interlocking or fluted.

Concrete tiles cost less than slate, so a tiled roof can be a cost-effective roofing option if you need to watch your budget. Being man-made, tiles can be formed into all shapes, sizes and colours, so you should find the perfect tile for your roof.

Pros Of Tile Roofing Plymouth

Concrete and clay tile roofs are strong enough to withstand most weather conditions.

A tile roof is not susceptible to fire and decay like thatch and is very sturdy, but it may need to be repaired or maintained due to extreme weather damage or impact damage. Many tile manufacturers offer warranties of up to 25 years.

Tiles can be recycled, which makes them environmentally friendly and their high thermal mass helps regulate indoor temperatures.

You can also match your home’s style with a wide variety of clay and concrete tiles. Some can even look like traditional wooden shingles.

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Cons Of Tile Roofing

Although clay and concrete tiles are strong, they can break if they get too much impact from trees or other objects or if someone walks on them. 

However, a specialist in tile roofing will be able to replace damaged or broken tiles quickly and cheaply. 

Only roofs that have a steeper slope are suitable for tile roofs. Tile roofs should be avoided on pitches less than 4:2.

Make sure to use professional Plymouth roofers with years of tile roofing Plymouth experience for your roofing project.

Although a matter of personal taste, most people think concrete and clay tiles don’t have the same clean and classic look as slate.

Some Roof Tile Examples

Concrete and clay roofing tiles come in many different styles that can be matched to any decor or design idea.

Spanish Roof Tiles look like rows of waves, with water draining through the troughs. This style is available in clay, concrete and terracotta, and is a favourite with our Plymouth tile roofers.

Scandia Roof Tiles look like Spanish tiles, but they’re upside-down. They look like a pair of vertical ridges that are topped by wide, scalloped troughs and are a common feature on northern European houses.

Double Roman Roof Tiles look similar to Spanish tiles but have distinctive ribs. Although smaller, the water troughs appear more often. They are used frequently in Mediterranean architecture. They are often made from concrete but they can also be found in clay or terra cotta.

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Different Types Of Roofing Tiles

Concrete Flat Shake Roof Tiles can be made to look like wood shingles. They have flat roofs that can shed light rains easily and can be used in almost every architectural style.

Pantile Roof Tiles are clay tiles that have been flattened into an “S” shape. This creates a ripple effect. Pantiles weigh significantly less than other tile types.

Semi-Cylindrical Roof Tiles are similar to Roman and Spanish, except that the barrel tiles have a tapered shape at one end. These tiles are a great choice for curving roofs because of their tapered shape and often used by our tile roofers Plymouth.

Tile Roofing Choices

French Roof Tiles look almost like a Roman roof inverted but have wider channels for directing heavy rainwaters.

Riviera Roof Tiles can be described as a flattened version of double Roman tiles. The humps in Riviera tiles act like a series of flat ridges that interrupt shallow flat-bottomed valleys.

Plymouth Tile Roofing Life Expectancy

How long a tiled roof lasts depends on many factors and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Most tiles will have a minimum 60-year lifespan, despite any differences in the sand and coatings, which is one of the reasons why our Plymouth tile roofers love it. A 60-year life expectancy refers to the expected product service life under normal conditions.


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Extending The Life Of Your Plymouth Tiled Roof

To extend the lifespan of your Plymouth roofing tiles, just make sure they are kept in good condition and get your roof checked on a regular basis by an experienced tile roofing specialist so you can spot any problems early and avoid costly repairs.

High levels of pollution and other atmospheric conditions can shorten their life, as well as walking on the roof, using a pressure washer on tile roofing and incorrect installation.

If you need to access your Plymouth tiled roof, use a hooked roofing ladder that will help spread your weight over the tiles to prevent cracking or breaking them. 

If you need to walk on your tiles, carefully step on the section of the tiles where they overlap and make sure to stand flat-footed.

What Are Roof Tiles Made From?

Roof tiles are primarily made from clay or concrete and you can get them in a variety of colours and designs and can last up to 100 years.

There are interlocking or plain tiles made from concrete. They are larger than clay tiles so are simpler to use but not suitable for complex roofs.

Flat clay tiles are the quickest to lay but may need to use more of them to make the roof weathertight.

Tiles can break or shift, so make sure you use experienced Plymouth tile roofers for any roof repair that is required.

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Plymouth Tile Roofing Pros & Cons


* Cost – Tile roofs are generally cheaper than slate.

* Installation – Tile roofs are easy to install. 

* Maintenance – Tile roofs are easy to maintain.

* Longevity – Tile roofs can last a long time (up to 100 years).

* Environment – Tile roofs can be recycled.


* Appearance – Some people prefer the look of slate, especially on modern houses.

* Weight – Concrete and clay tiles are heavy, so make sure your house has sufficient support to use them.

* Maintenance – Concrete and clay tiles are brittle so care is needed when walking on them.

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Have Tile Roofing Questions? We've Got Answers!

How much does retiling a roof cost?

Cost will vary depending on the type of roof you want to replace. Average costs for replacing a tile roof replacement costs: £6000-£15,000+.

Costs for a new tile roof  vary depending on several factors including: roof design, roofing material, size of roof is etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices on this page are rough guidelines for informational purposes only.

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How long do tile roofs last?

You can expect concrete and clay roof tiles to last for 60-100 years and should come with a 25-30 years warranty.

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You will need to replace your clay or concrete roof tiles if any of damaged (cracked, bent, loose or missing). We recommend you get you tile roof checked inside and out every 5-7 years by a roofing expert.

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How long does roof felt last under tiles?

Asphalt felt can last up to 20 years, but is prone to damage, which can shorten it’s life. Modern underlayment materials like polypropylene can last up to 30 years.

Breathable underlays like Vapour Permeable (VP) are more expensive but are often not required depending on how the roof is constructed.

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How do you walk on a tile roof?

Very carefully! Both clay and concrete tiles are brittle and prone to damage if walked on. 

Walking on the edge of a tile where it overlaps the one below is the best way to walk on tile roofs, but using a roofing ladder with a roof hook at the end is the best option for accessing a tile roof.

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