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Slate Roofing Plymouth

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Slate Roofers Plymouth

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Pros & Cons Of Plymouth Slate Roof Tiles

The pros and cons of slate roofing tiles.

Slate roofing tiles are a symbol of elegance and class adorning millions of homes across the country. Slate roofing tiles are a visually striking roofing material, which is why it has become so popular. It has been used for roofing purposes for all kinds of buildings for over a century.

You’ve come to the right place if you want some useful advice that will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to choose slate for your new roof.

Our expert knowledge of slate roofing Plymouth will make it easier for you to decide on whether you want to have a slate or tile roof, so let’s have a closer look at some of the main characteristics, pros and cons of using slate for your roof.

Appearance Of Plymouth Slate Roofing

We have already mentioned that a beautiful slate roof looks very classy. You’ll be able to see the differences immediately when you compare slate roofing with man-made tiles. 

Because slate comes in a natural form and is completely organic, it is sometimes not possible to have complete uniformity.

This means that each slate tile will be unique and have distinctive patterns and colours, making your roof stand out to be admired

Slate roofing tiles come in many sizes and thicknesses, as well as a wide variety of colours.

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Longevity Of Slate Tiles

The lifespan of some roofing materials is only 30 years when they will need to be replaced. Slate roofing tiles, on the other hand, can last up to 100 years. This incredible durability can only be achieved however if the roof is correctly installed by skilled and experienced professionals.

Is Slate Roofing Plymouth Environmentally Friendly?

As responsible Plymouth slate roofers, we know we only have one planet so it’s our responsibility to protect the planet . Investing in slate roofing tiles is one way to do this. Slate roofs last up to 100 years, so by choosing slate you are not only creating a beautiful looking home for you and your family to enjoy but also helping the environment by using a roofing material that lasts a long time and can be recycled.

Fire Resistance Of Slate Tiles

Although it is not something you immediately think about when thinking of using slate but fire resistance is a major benefit of this material

Plymouth slate roofing can be used to make a completely fireproof roof, which is a major advantage over some other types of roofing options.

Slate roofing tiles can protect your home against any potential fires from nearby roofs or from other risks like fireworks.

After reading all the information, using slate for your roof might sound too good to be true but as with all things, there are some drawbacks to consider when making a decision. Cost is probably going to be the biggest issue.


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Prices Of Slate Roofing Plymouth

Slate tiles are expensive. The cost of this roofing material can be much more than the price of some other materials so it is crucial to do your research and choose an experienced Plymouth slate roofer so that you don’t end up with a poorly constructed roof and waste your money.

It might be worthwhile to consider an alternative if money is tight and you don’t care too much about the appearance of your roof or its fire resistance.

It is important to remember that although the price tag may be high, it will buy you a roof that lasts 3X longer than some other roofing materials and it looks great.

Weight Of Roof Made With Slate

You don’t want your roof falling on you whilst you’re watching TV, so it’s very important to have your home surveyed by a professional before installing slate roofing.

Slate is generally heavier than most man-made tiles so you need to ensure your house has adequate support beams for sufficient load-bearing capability.

Use Experienced Slate Roofers Plymouth

You might think all Plymouth slate roofing companies would have the knowledge to put up a slate roof, but this is not always true. Most roofing contractors specialise in certain kinds of roofs, so always make sure the Plymouth slate roofers you use have a lot of experience in installing slate roofs before hiring them.


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Not All Plymouth Slate Roofers Are Equal

Installing slate roofing Plymouth properly requires a lot of knowledge and experience. A local slate roofer Plymouth that isn’t well-informed and lacking experience will leave your home exposed to the elements which can cause damage.

Do your homework before you hire a roofing contractor to install slate on your house. Do your research and ask for examples of previous slate roofs that have been installed.

We have been installing Plymouth slate roofs for over 15 years and come highly recommended by all the happy and satisfied customers we have served over the years.

We pride ourselves on doing a great job at affordable prices and providing unbeatable customer services.

Durability Of Slate Roofing Plymouth

We’ve seen that slate roofs can last up to 100 years which makes this a great choice for your house but slate roofing can be quite fragile. Be aware that roofing contractors who need future access to your roof could damage your slate tiles.

Broken slate tiles mean roof repair. Slate can be difficult to replace because every tile is unique. It is hard to find a matching slate, so any replacements may stand out. You can avoid this problem by saving some slate when you have your roof installed to act as replacements if they get broken or damaged in later years.

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Plymouth Slate Roofing Pros & Cons


* Appearance – A slate roof is hard to beat when it comes to looks. It’s a natural product that has a distinct and unique appearance that is hard to beat. 

* Safety – Slate is completely fire-proof so you never have to worry about it being a fire risk.

* Longevity – A roof made with slate tiles can last you 100 years, which makes them great value for money.

* Choice – Slate comes in a range of colours, sizes and thicknesses making it a very versatile choice.


* Cost – Slate is not cheap. Imported sale is cheaper than UK slate, but it’s never going to be the cheapest roofing option. 

* Easy To Damage – Slate is brittle and can be easily damaged if you walk on them, so make sure to keep a few spares for roof repair. 

* Weight – Slate is heavy, so make sure your house is strong enough to support them. Get a structural survey before making a decision. 

Plymouth Roofing Services offers a variety of Plymouth slate roofing options for your home. CLICK HERE for a FREE QUOTE for roof installation and roof repairs 🙂

Have Slate Roofing Questions? We've Got Answers!

Are slate roofs any good?

Slate is 100% natural, looks great and will last a 100 years, but they are more expensive than some other roofing materials.

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What are the disadvantages of a slate roof?

The main disadvantage of slate roofing is cost. They are not cheap. Consider using concrete tiles if you’re on a budget. They are also fragile and easily broken, so keep a few spares for roof repair.

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How long does roof slate last?

Slate can last for 100 years. The roof timbers will fail long before the slate, but they are easily broken if walked on.

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What is under a slate roof?

A waterproof and breathable membrane like Permavent Dry Roof is normally fixed under slate tiles. 

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How do you maintain a slate roof?

Always repair or replace any damaged slates and clean out the gutters several times a year.

Have your slate roof inspected by a professional roofing company every 5-7 years to spot any issues before they become an expensive problem. 

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